Without her tits....

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would you still find Angelina hot? Would the world ?
Would she just be an Audrey Hepburn Goth girl? She is really fuckin scrawny w/out those hooters....
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  • To quote one of my favorite songs by Danielle Lo Presti and the Masses, Angelina has got plenty above her tits to make her precious!
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      not that it matters, but are they real? i can usually tell, but i'm baffled, either way they are fabulous!
      • uh yeah. She has a hell of a lot going for her besides boobs. Her eyes are so intoxicating and her lips are nice and full and continue to beg me to kiss them. Mmmmm I heart Angelina.
        • Yep, it's more than her boobs. It's the way she walks and presents herself, and the looks she gives on screen. So cool!
          • helllllllllllll yeah!
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              Those lips!!
              • I think her personality and talent is why so many people like her. GiA was an amazing performance, she has made trans-racial adoption chic and she really seems to believe in herself.
                I'm not that happy about the whole Brangelina thing so she has definitely lost a great deal of luster to me, I feel that people should do whatever they choose with their bodies but after all this protesting that it she knew nothing about the situation , its now very clear she obviously DID play a big role in the breakup. She should have just coped to it and not acted like Brad was 'just a friend.' I expect more from such a forthright personality.
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                  I guess it's all good, I just had how no idea how freakin thin she is until I saw 'Mr and Mrs. Smith.'
                  She may be a cool chick and I still think she rocks but Mary Kate and Ashley could wear her jeans easily...eeeewwww. With all the lesbians on the tribe I'm surprised as many of you usually like ass of which Angelina is in a major deficit of. Right now she is considered the sexiest woman in the world....
                  Maybe she is redefining 'womanly' ?
                • If I were famous and had the media hounding me every second, I would try to keep as much as possible about my personal life away from them. I would probably even deny stuff if asked. Maybe Angelina was a major cause of the Brad & Jennifer break up, maybe not. They were most likely having problems before she came along.
              • Lips!!!
                • after watching the interview thing she did recently... dunno what it was called, for that class...

                  she's incredible.
                  i agreed with every answer.
                  her personality is amazing.
                  i love her, tits or no.
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                    i agree with everyone here too, it's not about her tits, although they are spectacluar, but even without them, her face is just flawless, her eyes and lips, her energy everything she's just painfully beautifiul
                    • I agree she is so beautiful and she is vulnerable not as tough as people think. She really just has her kids and her nannies and Brad-no real support network around her of lifelong friends like her boyfriend's ex wife who has a Hollywood posse. After reading what Aniston has been saying Angelina should have had had a better sense of class not to do that photo shoot but whatever, Brad won't last anyway. Being a dad is not like acting.
                      I'm not being sarcastic either.
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                        I agree Brad won't last and I do really like her and agree we do NOT know the whole scoop behind the drama.
                        But women are simply becoming living skeletons in Hollywood these days and I wish perhaps the strongest woman around did not have to look so waifish and represent the most unrealsitic media bodtype of all: Super duper pipe cleaner , hipless, skinny, with naturally large breasts.
                        I sincerely believe that without her breasts her appeal would be completely different and her popularity with the media diminished in comparision with what we see today. Having that body type is central to her rise to stardom.
                        • People don't choose their body types and I actually recall her kvetching about not having much of an ass. Try to see beyond her appearance and appreciate her for how unique and special she is.
                          In media terms, Sophia Loren is perhaps the only mega bombshell that can state with 100% assurance that she is not famous because of her breasts-and no one will ever match THAT figure!
                          • I agree. We don't choose our body types. And how boring it would be if we did! Diversity is beautiful. Hollywood has always had women of all shapes and sizes, and people have loved them.
                        • << women are simply becoming living skeletons in Hollywood these days >>

                          There have always been women in Hollywood who are skinny. That won't change. But don't forget about the women in Hollywood who aren't skinny and who are just as famous, loved and strong!

                          << I wish perhaps the strongest woman around did not have to look so waifish and represent the most unrealsitic media bodtype of all: Super duper pipe cleaner , hipless, skinny, with naturally large breasts. >>

                          I'm not sure that it's so unrealistic. It may not be the look that many women have, but she can't help that. I think she looks healthy, not sickly like she has a problem or anything (I'm not saying that you implied that, I'm just thinking out loud) :)

                          As a disclaimer: It's always so unclear the way people mean things when they type them out. None of my comments are meant to be sarcastic or rude!

  • Definately yes!! The tits are hot, but her lips are what makes her fucking sexy
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      I've done just fine without them I think she'll be okay apparently 60% of woman have have ummm adjustments...I stand here as a minority....hmmm...think think..nah
      • I fell in love with her long before the tits came along back in the day of Hackers. She couldn't have been more than a c cup at the time and still incredibly hot. It's her eyes and her sultry voice that melt me.
        • omg! i loved her since hackers,too! she is truley a beauty small tits , large tits, long hair or short hair like in hackers! her eyes draw you in and her lips ....ooooohhh, those lips!

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